Best Facebook cover size for both mobile & Desktop. We design some awesome Facebook cover photo to our Facebook page. If we design it for PC view, It will hide some areas and contents on our artwork when it is come to the mobile. Also if we only design it for Mobile there will be some missing parts too. Don’t worry! This is the best way to design a fine single Facebook Page cover photo for both PC and Mobile view.

best facebook cover image size for facebook pages 2019

Upload this facebook cover image to your Facebook page & check how it works.

Place your important content in the visible area for both Mobile & Desktop. but also do not forget the dark blue area. when it’s come to the mobile view it should be look nice too.

Examples for Facebook cover

Best Facebook image size

Facebook cover size best practice

Best Facebook Image size

Please prefer above images. The important content is nicely aligned vertically to match both mobile & Desktop.

When you Design your cover image for your Facebook Page, always remember the difference between Mobile & Desktop should not be noticeable to users.

On this image the important text content vertically aligned to the top of the artwork. You can follow this method and after uploading it needs to be adjusted to the to of the cover image area.

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