If you are working with WordPress, you might already know anyone can see the theme you have used to build your WordPress website from the source cords. Of course, there are a few ways anyone can see which theme you have used. But if you really need to hide the theme name from the source cord you have two major options.

Rename the WordPress theme folder before uploading it.

After downloading whatever the WordPress theme you want to use to build your website. You can extract and rename the folder with a different name before compress and upload it into the themes.

What if you have already uploaded the theme and still you want to rename it?

Don’t worry if you have uploaded the theme already & customized it. Still, you can rename it with whatever name you want. Follow these steps

  1. Just login to your CPanel & click on PhpMyadmin.
  2. Find the DataBase of your current WordPress website.
  3. Go to wp_options table
  4. Find the row current_theme & rename it
  5. Then go to the root directory of your WordPress website
  6. wp-content > themes
  7. You will see all uploaded themes in this folder.
  8. Identify what is your current theme & rename the same name you’ve used in the Database’s current_theme row.
  9. Now refresh the website. & go to your source cord & see the theme name has changed.


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