If you landed on this page you are also impatient to know how to make money blogging right?

If you’ve been in the internet for even one minute you realize that there is a world of blogging out there full of blogs & Bloggers, Some of them are professional bloggers, some of them are hobby bloggers. There is just an entire universe where we are putting out content. Some of us are making money and paying our bills with it.

But, you aren’t sure where to start. Or, maybe you’re overwhelmed by the whole process.

Let’s start it in the right way.

Imagine your blog is a building. You are going to build it step by step. So a strong foundation really matters. Here is the easy formula.

Choose the best blog niche

When you start blogging, the first question is “what should i blog about?”. Most people end up here over thinking what they should start blog about. The mistake they make is over imagining about the articles, results, money and so on.

One important thing to remember! This is the digital era. When you make decisions you definitely have to take actions before you make your mind tired over think. First take action. Then decide on the feedback you get.

Now let’s find out how you can choose what to blog about.

Get Experience

Start your blog about something that you need to have experience in or something that you want to learn about.

What you already know

We are all at least good at one thing. So you can start blogging about what you are already know well.

Troubles you face

People search for solutions every time. So you can also start blogging about the problems you face in your usual life and the solution you found.

Listen to people

Listen carefully what other people talk about. Your family or friends talk about a lot when they get together. It might be about babysitting, Pets, food recipes or anything you can get ideas to start writing your own blog about.

So choose a blog niche or a topic that your readers are intrested in learning about or something that you already know about.

Select your Domain Name

What is a domain name?
Domain name is the base of your url. The url of the facebook is www.facebook.com, the url for this blog is www.techmytip.com.
This is another place for a most people spin a lot of time overthinking.

Should my domain name be memorable?
Not necessarily! It’s not about the name. it’s about what you have to offer. So don’t overthink. you don’t have to come up with some perfectly clever name to succeed as a blogger.

Right Platform & web hosting

Best platform to get your blog started is WordPress. We know some other options are also there. but the problem is those websites are not supporting to build a standalone website. Some platforms has their own limitation on blog traffic that you’re getting or the capacity of the media & content of your website. Using WordPress is highly remanded to start with. The coolest thing is it’s free!

There are many trusted hosting providers out there. You can compare their plans & choose what is the best for you.

Make your cool blog design

Designing your blog clean & beautiful is crucial . First you want to select a great blog theme. I’m glad that there are some Best free WordPress themes like Flashblog, OceanWP & Hastia. Also some of the paid themes are Divi & Genesis.

Another important part about blog designing is optimizing it for mobile.

over 70-80% of the internet users these days are visiting through their phone. So something might look amazing on your desktop will actually look like a crap on a phone or a tab.

Always check your work. Choose an easy to read font. because nobody got time to read that cute but unreadable font.

Create the content people need

Ask yourself, What should you write about?
Answer is very simple if your goal is to make money.

you need o create content that other people are searching on the internet. Everyday millions of people typing searches on Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook and looking for articles, Videos, Images to find solutions.

If you’re able to serve them the best valuable content, trust me you’re going to be displayed on the top of search engine result page which means it’s very easy to make money online with your blog.

Getting traffic to your blog

How to get readers to your blog?
There are lots of ways to get readers to your blog. There is Instergram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Youtube, Guest blogging, Email drops, Forums & so much more..

The biggest tip i can give you is start with one effective traffic source.

When you’re first get started you might be thinking you should be actively on every platform that drives traffic. But remember! this is a one man show. You’ll have to learn everything step by step . So instead of spreading on everything, master 1 of 2 sources at the beginning.

The next question you probably have is “How do i find the perfect traffic source for my blog?”
There are tons of factors to consider here including Competition, Type of platform, Demographics of target market & more..

To make this simple let’s find out the best 5 traffic sources.

01. Facebook

Facebook has most users compare to other social platforms. But it also comes with the highest competition. although you don’t get enough impression on your blog post that posted on your page, There are many groups that still works to drive traffic to your blog.

Type your blog topic in the Facebook search bar. Then select group. You can easily find valuable groups for your blog.

02. Instagram

You’ll find that Instagram follows similar trajectory as Facebook where is high amount of users but it also has a high amount of competition. This is a purely visual platform you can write captions in the description but no links. The only place to share clickable link is your Bio section.

Also if you’re not creating attractive images you’re not going to get anywhere on Instagram. So the niches you want to be succeeded on Instagram must be mainly visual. Like Travel, Health, Fashion, Food works really well because they are visually stimulating.

03. Google

Google also has high competition as Facebook & Instagram. But as we all know it’s a search platform.

So the people who is typing “How to make money online” for example will continue to type that in month after month and you’ll get organic traffic all the time. You can optimize your blog & blog posts to get a better place in google search result page. But remember it’s a very competitive platform to expect huge amount of traffic to come from. It might take few months although you optimize your blog better.

04. YouTube

YouTube is completely different platform compare to all. It’s the highest barriered entry by far because most people don’t want to get on camera.

This barriered entry provide actually an easy way to connect with your audience, build a following and drive them back to your blog.

05. Pinterest

The favorite traffic source for bloggers is Pinterest. Pinterest is also a search engine so there is that opportunity of getting organic traffic. But unlike google it doesn’t take as long to get results.

Because of the speed of results and the fact that you can get organic traffic Pinterest is a umber 1 traffic source for bloggers if you’re in any niche.

Make Money Blogging

Alright you build your blog, You designed it, Start to get your first visitors checking out the content that they want to see.

Now we’re going to learn different ways to make money blogging.

01. Ads

Display Ads – You can partner up with ad network like Google & Display their ads on your blog.
Sponsord content – Write about a product, Review or make good article about it & link its website. The companies will pay you for this.
Giveaways – This is very similar to sponsored content but instead of company paying you, they give their product for free!

02. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you earn money promoting 3rd party product or service.

Let’s say you write a post about top 5 motivational books. You can write about those books & make links to Amazon. When somebody read about that & click on those links it’ll redirect them to amazon product page.

If the user is happy to buy it then you’ll get a small commission from Amazon. This is a huge category & you can make a lot of money on it

03. Sell your own Digital Product

There are few different products that you can sell on your blog. E-books, Printable designs, Online courses, Paid membership, Physical products, Providing services.

Analyzing your Blog

How you get to know the amount of users coming to your website, What are the actions they are taking, Sources they are coming from?

You can easily set up Search engine analytics to your blog. Like Google analytics. It’s just a piece of code that you can place in your website & it helps you in many areas.

Scale & Optimize

Try to figure out improvements that your blog needs with the data of Analytics.

Add testimonials to build up trust with your audience. Improve your page speed, Make changes to your sales page & sales funnel, make changes in the blog design to make it more user friendly etc.

Congratulations!, Now you have the knowledge of creating your successful blog with WordPress & the ways that you can earn money with it.

If you find this article helpful Don’t forget to share. Comment anything below you like to know about or share your ideas about the article. Thanks for reading. Happy blogging!


Hi! I’m Dimuthu Freelance Web Designer, Developer, Creative Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer & Successful Blogger. Hire me! if you need any support.

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